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Kerala’s Electoral Rolls Witness Growth of Over 3 Lakh Voters in a Year

The final Special Summary Revision (SSR) of electoral rolls for Kerala, published by the Election Commission of India (ECI), reveals a significant increase of over 3 lakh voters, bringing the total electorate to 2,70,99,326. The gender distribution comprises 1,39,96,729 women, 1,31,02,288 men, and 309 transgender voters, with a gender ratio of 1,068.

The final roll shows a rise from the January 2023 list, which had 2,67,95,581 voters, and the draft SSR list from October 27, 2023, with 2,68,54,195 voters. The Chief Electoral Officer (Kerala), Sanjay Kaul, highlighted 2,88,533 new voters aged 18 and 6,59,227 voters above 80. Malappuram boasts the highest number of voters at 32,79,172, while Wayanad has the lowest with 6,21,880 voters. The state has totally 25,177 polling stations.