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Tragic Murder-Suicide Unveils Extramarital Relationship in Eluru

A distressing incident unfolded in Eluru town as revelations of an extramarital affair led to a gruesome murder and suicide. The ordeal came to light after D. Satyanarayana (40) ended his life by jumping in front of a moving train near Nuzvid. A piece of paper found in his pocket contained his name and address, prompting his family to discover the lifeless body of U. Sujata (30) at his home in Eluru.

Investigation disclosed that Sujata, married to a truck driver with two children, had been involved in an extramarital relationship with Satyanarayana for four years. Tensions arose as Sujata attempted to distance herself from him, culminating in the man’s tragic act.

A suicide note indicated their relationship, his feelings of insult, and the horrific murder he committed by slitting Sujata’s throat. The police uncovered the crime scene and learned of their connection through mutual friendship with Sujata’s husband.