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Madras HC dismissed the writ over the cathedral road property petition file by Agri-Horticultural Society

The Madras High Court has dismissed a writ petition filed by the Agri-Horticultural Society, which claimed title over a property located on Chennai’s Cathedral Road. Justice S.M. Subramaniam, in his ruling, stated that the society failed to establish any legal right to occupy the property.

The disputed property includes 4 counties, 18 grounds, and 1,683 square feet of land that belongs to the State government. The court found that the Agri-Horticultural Society did not provide sufficient evidence or justification for their claim of ownership.

The judge emphasized that the society had not even demonstrated a semblance of a legal right over the property. With the dismissal of the writ petition, the State government’s ownership of the land remains intact. The decision by the Madras High Court upholds the legal position regarding the property on Cathedral Road.