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Massive Fire Damages Pulianthope Slaughterhouse

A huge fire broke out in the Pulianthope slaughterhouse, owned by the Greater Chennai Corporation, on Sunday afternoon, causing significant damage to the facility. The slaughterhouse, which had been closed for several years, suffered extensive harm to its electrical equipment used for animal slaughtering. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

The incident drew the attention of the Pulianthope police, who promptly alerted the Fire and Rescue Services. Fire tenders from Vyasarpadi, Vepery, and Kodungaiyur rushed to the scene, and firefighters took immediate action, breaking open the unit’s doors to contain the blaze.

It was revealed that a portion of the slaughterhouse had been leased to a private company for modernization over a decade ago. However, due to legal issues, the facility remained non-operational, leading to equipment worth several lakhs of rupees being left to rust.