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Massive Teacher Rally in Seoul Mourns Suicides and Demands Better Conditions

School teachers in South Korea are set to hold a massive rally in Seoul to mourn the recent suicide deaths of fellow teachers. These suicides are believed to have been caused by distress related to disgruntled parents and unruly students. The rally, originally planned to mourn the death of a young teacher who took her own life in July, has gained momentum after two additional teacher suicides occurred last week.

This tragic trend has ignited anger over the treatment of teachers and raised the possibility that Monday’s rally will become the largest-ever teacher protest. Many teachers have taken one day’s leave to attend the rally, and some 30 elementary schools across the nation have designated Monday as a temporary holiday due to the high number of teacher absences.

Teachers from provincial regions are also planning to hold rallies in front of regional education offices. This large-scale teacher protest is a rare occurrence in South Korea and highlights the urgency of addressing teacher rights and working conditions.