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Massive Wildfires Prompt Evacuations of Thousands in Canada’s British Columbia

Nearly 400 wildfires are currently blazing across Canada’s British Columbia (BC) province, leading to the evacuation of around 30,000 households, while another 36,000 remain under evacuation alerts. Emergency Management Minister Bowinn Ma emphasized the urgency of following evacuation orders, stating that they are a matter of life and death for both residents and first responders.

BC Premier David Eby indicated that a total of 35,000 people have been ordered to leave, with 30,000 instructed to be prepared for evacuation. The situation worsened as two large fires in the Shuswap region merged, resulting in the destruction of homes and structures. Travel to the waterside city of Kelowna has been restricted due to the need to accommodate evacuees and emergency personnel, and the same restriction applies to several other towns.

Additionally, a massive fire is approaching the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, with most of its residents having evacuated. This wildfire season is the worst on record for Canada, with over 1,000 fires burning across the country, though no deaths have been reported in the current fires.