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Mount Ibu Erupts, Unleashing Red Lava and Ash Clouds

Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupted on June 4, sending red lava and thick grey ash clouds soaring 5,000 meters into the sky. Muhammad Wafid, chief of Indonesia’s Geology Agency, reported the eruption’s direction toward the volcano’s west and northwest sides. A timelapse video captured red sparks at the volcano’s peak followed by a dense column of ash, recorded from an observation post near an evacuation site in Gam Ici village.

Mount Ibu has been active since early May, prompting authorities to raise the eruption alert level due to increased seismic and visual activity. With Indonesia’s susceptibility to volcanic activity due to its location along the “Ring of Fire,” authorities advise people to stay at least 7 kilometers away from the 1,325-meter volcano.