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Netanyahu Stresses Israeli Goals in Gaza Conflict and Hostage Situation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated in a CBS News interview that Israel’s objective in Gaza is not occupation but rather demilitarization and deradicalization of the Hamas-controlled enclave. Netanyahu emphasized the goal of preventing the re-emergence of terror and highlighted the intention to liberate Palestinians from Hamas, providing them with a “real future.”

Regarding the military raid at Al-Shifa Hospital, he claimed “strong indications” of Hamas holding hostages there and asserted that if they were present, they were taken out. Israel contends that Hamas uses the hospital as a command center, a claim vehemently denied by the militant group.

Netanyahu suggested that the ground offensive has brought Israel closer to securing a temporary ceasefire by putting pressure on Hamas to release hostages. He emphasized the need for a different civilian leadership among the Palestinians for a two-state solution, focusing on demilitarization and deradicalization.