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New Zealand Launches Interactive Map to Restore Biodiversity

New Zealand introduced an interactive map aimed at restoring a minimum of 15 percent of local biodiversity within each catchment in the next century. Developed by Eco-index, the tool provides data on historical habitat types and restoration targets for 15 percent biodiversity in specific areas. The free, open-access map is designed to assist community groups, businesses, government entities, and land managers in prioritizing restoration efforts in regions with vulnerable local biodiversity.

The initiative addresses the challenge of biodiversity decline in New Zealand, offering a strategic tool for decision-makers to invest in redress efforts. The map identifies locally impoverished areas and ecosystems, aiding in effective and targeted actions.

The Eco-Index program leaders emphasize the severe impact of the biodiversity crisis on human society, suggesting potential consequences more severe than climate change. The interactive map finds applications in various decision-making scenarios, from native nursery stocking decisions to engaging with international impact investors.