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Ongoing Hostage Releases and Ceasefire Extension Between Israel and Hamas

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed the reception of a list for the upcoming release of a sixth set of hostages by Hamas on Wednesday, with their families already informed. This marks the second hostage release following the extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas, initiated on November 24. In compliance with the ceasefire agreement, Hamas released a group of 12 hostages, including 10 Israelis and two Thai citizens, on Tuesday.

Simultaneously, Israel freed 30 Palestinians from its prisons. Since the implementation of the truce, Hamas has released a total of 81 hostages, primarily women and children, while Israel has released 180 Palestinians, mainly women and minors. The extension of the ceasefire is contingent on the release of additional hostages by Hamas, with Israel requesting a minimum of 10 hostages daily in exchange for the release of 30 Palestinian prisoners.