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Poondi Reservoir to Release Water Ahead of Northeast Monsoon

The Water Resources Department (WRD) in Chennai, India, has decided to release water from the Poondi reservoir ahead of the Northeast monsoon season. Due to heavy rains in the catchment areas of the Kosasthalaiyar River during the Southwest monsoon, 1,000 cubic feet per second (cusecs) of water will be released from two floodgates of the reservoir.

This release is taking place much earlier than usual, with the water being diverted to the Cholavaram reservoir. Typically, water discharge from city reservoirs occurs during the Northeast monsoon. The Poondi reservoir, a key source of drinking water for Chennai, is currently at a level of 33.90 feet, just one foot below its full capacity. The released water will also be used to recharge check dams downstream and maintain the river’s flow during future floods.