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Poor Desilting Causes Flooding and Traffic Congestion in Mudichur, Chennai

Mudichur, a locality near Tambaram in Chennai, faced severe flooding and traffic congestion due to inadequate desilting and maintenance of lakes in the area. Lakes such as Manimangalam Lake, Vandalur Periya Eri, and Mudichur Periya Eri, managed by the Water Resource Department, experienced overflowing during heavy rains.

The failure to desilt and reinforce the bunds of these lakes before the northeast monsoon led to flooding in residential areas like Varadarajapuram. Additionally, poorly maintained storm-water drains contributed to the water overflow, affecting localities such as Netaji Nagar, West Lakshmi Nagar, and Madanapur in Mudichur.

The need for proper rainwater drainage and infrastructure development to prevent flooding has become apparent in this region, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures for water management.