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Proposal to Rename Firozabad to Chandranagar Gains Approval in Municipal Corporation Meeting

In a significant development, the proposal to change the name of Firozabad to Chandranagar has been passed in the Municipal Corporation Executive meeting. This marks the second time the proposal has been approved, with initial support in the District Panchayat meeting back in August 2021.

Lakshmi Narain, the block chief, shared that the proposal stems from the historical name of the city being Chandranagar before it was changed to Firozabad, named after the son of Mughal Emperor Akbar’s commander, Firoz Shah.

Eleven out of twelve executive members supported and unanimously passed the proposal in the Municipal Corporation Executive meeting. The next step involves seeking government approval, and upon receiving it, Firozabad is set to be officially known as Chandranagar.

Simultaneously, the Municipal Corporation of Aligarh has also approved a proposal to rename Aligarh to Harigarh, reflecting a broader trend of cities reconsidering their nomenclature for historical and cultural reasons.