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Renewed Confrontations at Lebanese-Israeli Border Lead to Casualties

Three people were killed and three others injured as tensions flared on the Lebanese-Israeli border after the collapse of a temporary humanitarian truce in Gaza. Israeli artillery shelling hit houses in southern Lebanese villages, resulting in casualties, including a member of the Hezbollah militant group and his mother in Houla. Another Lebanese civilian lost their life in Jibbain, with three others sustaining injuries.

Israel responded with heavy artillery shells, a surface-to-surface missile, and three other missiles across southern Lebanon. Simultaneously, Hezbollah reported attacking the Israeli Ramim Barracks and a gathering of soldiers at the al-Marj site.

The situation escalated after the expiration of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, with Israel and Hamas blaming each other for the breakdown. The Lebanese-Israeli border has witnessed increased tension since Hezbollah’s rocket attacks in support of Hamas on October 8, prompting Israeli retaliation.