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Israeli Military Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza Following Truce Collapse

Heavy fighting erupted in Gaza as the temporary humanitarian truce collapsed, leading the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to claim strikes on Hamas command centers. The IDF reported hitting operational command centers, underground sites, and a military compound used for launching anti-tank missiles. Additionally, the IDF said it eliminated multiple terrorist cells, including one with over 10 terrorists near ground troops, and thwarted two other cells launching mortar shells.

The temporary ceasefire, in effect since November 24, expired on Friday morning, with both Israel and Hamas blaming each other for the breakdown. The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry in Gaza reported at least 178 deaths and 589 injuries since hostilities resumed. Meanwhile, Israeli forces detained over 260 Palestinians in the West Bank during the truce period.

The IDF also released an interactive map to minimize civilian casualties during strikes in Gaza. Leaflets with QR codes linking to the map were dropped in southern Gaza, despite challenges in local internet and power infrastructure.