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Residents in K.K. Nagar and Selaiyur Raise Concerns Over Stray Dogs and Unauthorized Parking

Residents of Selaiyur in Chennai’s K.K. Nagar are grappling with the growing issue of stray dogs, causing disruptions and safety concerns. These stray dogs frequently chase vehicles, endangering motorists, and even pose threats to pedestrians, especially when in packs. Despite repeated complaints to authorities over several months, no significant measures have been taken to control the escalating stray dog population.

In response, officials from the Tambaram Corporation have reported that health authorities are now addressing these concerns by initiating the removal and sterilization of dogs under the animal birth control program. The Corporation has also bolstered its resources by adding four vehicles dedicated to catching community dogs, and a new animal birth control center is set to open soon.

In a separate issue, residents of the 13th Sector in K.K. Nagar are encountering difficulties accessing their locality due to rampant unauthorized parking on 86th Street. Despite complaints made to both traffic police and the Chennai Corporation, no substantial actions have been taken to curb this unauthorized parking problem.