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Specialized Investigation Wing to be Operational in 12 Police Districts in Chennai from August 1

Starting from August 1, a specialized investigation wing will become operational in 12 police districts under the Greater Chennai Police jurisdiction, as announced by Chennai Police Commissioner, Sandeep Rai Rathore. The newly-formed wing is a response to the directions of the Madras High Court and follows the guidelines of the Director-General of Police (DGP).

This specialized unit will be tasked with investigating crucial and sensitive cases including murder, murder for gain, burglary, dacoity, robbery, suspicious death, kidnapping, explosive cases, and caste and religion-related quarrels/fights. Under the leadership of the respective Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCP), the investigation wing will be established at the offices of the 12 police districts.

To ensure effective functioning, a three-day training program has been inaugurated by Commissioner Rathore for the personnel assigned to this specialized wing. The training program is set to feature legal experts, doctors from government hospitals, government advocates, forensic science specialists, and senior police officers as guest speakers, imparting essential knowledge and expertise to the dedicated personnel. With this strategic move, the authorities aim to expedite investigations and take prompt and appropriate action in critical cases, enhancing public safety and ensuring justice.