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Supreme Court Presses Uttar Pradesh Government for Action in U.P. Muslim Student Slapping Case

The Supreme Court has demanded clarity from the Uttar Pradesh government regarding measures taken to prosecute a school teacher in Muzaffarnagar who incited classmates to repeatedly slap a seven-year-old Muslim boy while making communal remarks. Previously, the court had ensured that the State government sought expert help from agencies like HAQ, Muskan, and Childline for counseling the child and his classmates after the distressing incident.

Although the State was observed to be “substantially complying” with the court’s directives on counseling, the father of the affected child complained of unresponsiveness from the State, prompting the court to agree to hear his applications. The incident, flagged as a direct violation of Article 21A and the Right to Education Act, has drawn attention to the larger issue of implementing educational safeguards in Uttar Pradesh. The court’s scrutiny underscores the need for a safe and discrimination-free educational environment for all children, emphasizing the importance of upholding their fundamental rights.