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The grandmother of the teen pleaded for the rioting to stop

Amidst the ongoing unrest following the shooting death of a teenager during a police traffic stop in a Paris suburb, the grandmother of the deceased pleaded for an end to the rioting. The plea comes as the unrest enters its sixth consecutive night, with clashes between protesters and law enforcement escalating.

The authorities have expressed outrage at the incident where a Mayor’s home was targeted, with a burning car set outside while his family was sleeping inside. The incident highlights the intensifying tensions and violence surrounding the protests. The shooting incident has sparked widespread anger and calls for justice, as protesters demand accountability for the use of force by the police.

The government and law enforcement agencies are working to address the situation and restore calm, while also investigating the shooting incident and taking measures to prevent further violence. The unrest and acts of violence have raised concerns about public safety and the need for dialogue to address underlying issues and grievances.