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Ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan over cross border terror accusations

Pakistan and Afghanistan are facing a critical juncture in their relationship due to escalating tensions surrounding cross-border terrorism and the presence of TTP militants. Islamabad accuses Afghanistan of harboring TTP militants, while Kabul vehemently denies these claims.

The Taliban regime in Kabul has responded aggressively to Pakistan’s accusations, leading to a further strain in bilateral ties. Pakistani military commanders reject the Taliban’s denial, asserting that the TTP operates from Afghan soil. The Taliban claims that the TTP not only finds safe havens across the border but also possesses sophisticated weaponry.

The conflicting narratives on the TTP’s presence and activities have intensified the friction between the two neighboring countries. Both sides are now at a crucial crossroads, with the future of their relations hanging in the balance. Resolving these issues will require diplomatic efforts and cooperation to address concerns about terrorism and stability in the region.