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President Zelensky said Ukraine continue the Black Sea grain deal without Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his country’s intention to maintain the Black Sea grain deal even after Russia’s withdrawal, according to his spokesman Sergii Nykyforov. Zelensky emphasized the importance of utilizing the Black Sea corridor and instructed the Foreign Ministry to prepare official signals to the United Nations and Turkey to ensure the continuation of the agreement. The president highlighted that shipping companies are prepared to supply grain if Ukraine and Turkey permit the passage of vessels. Efforts are being made to sustain the trade route and maintain the flow of grain despite Russia’s absence. The continuation of the Black Sea grain deal is significant for Ukraine’s agricultural sector and its trade relationship with Turkey. Zelensky’s proactive approach demonstrates the country’s commitment to exploring alternative options and maximizing opportunities in the region. The involvement of international organizations and diplomatic efforts underscores Ukraine’s determination to preserve the trade agreement.