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Traffic Police Resort to ‘Patchwork’ to Alleviate Congestion at Dams Road-Blackers Road Junction

The Dams Road-Blackers Road junction in Chennai has become a bottleneck for vehicular traffic, exacerbated by the aftermath of Greater Chennai Corporation’s integrated stormwater drain work on Dams Road. The road surface at the junction, particularly the section where the stormwater drain work was undertaken, is battered and slows down vehicular movement, creating traffic congestion during rush hours.

To address the immediate issue, the F2 Egmore traffic police have resorted to temporary “patchwork” by filling depressions with brick debris. While this offers a short-term solution to expedite traffic flow, residents and commuters are urging the authorities for a more sustainable approach, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive road-laying exercise to alleviate congestion and ensure smoother traffic movement at the junction.