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Tragic End for Indian Student in the UK: Mitkumar Patel Found Dead on Thames Riverbank

In a devastating turn of events, the life of 23-year-old Indian student Mitkumar Patel, who recently moved to the UK, came to an untimely end as his body was discovered on the bank of the Thames River at Caledonian Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. Patel, who had relocated from India to pursue studies at Sheffield Hallam University and a part-time job at Amazon, was reported missing by his family four days before the grim discovery.

Concerns grew when he failed to return from a daily walk on November 17. His cousins, initiating a search, uncovered distressing voice messages from Patel outlining his intentions to end his life. Despite the efforts of police, paramedics, and the fire brigade, Patel’s death is not deemed suspicious. In a heartfelt response, his cousins have launched a fundraiser to repatriate his body to India, citing his humble roots in a farming family as the impetus for the campaign.