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Escalation of Conflict in Gaza: Fragile Ceasefire Shattered

Amidst the collapse of a seven-day ceasefire, Israeli airstrikes have resumed in Gaza, claiming 32 lives, according to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry. Initially reporting 14 casualties, the majority were identified as women and children. The Ministry of Interior confirmed the renewed Israeli strikes, while the Government Media Office, under Hamas control, blamed the US and the international community for the resumption of hostilities.

The truce, extended for the seventh day on Thursday, expired on Friday morning. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) accused Hamas of violating the truce by firing toward Israel, prompting the IDF to resume combat operations against the militant group. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attributed the truce’s breakdown to Hamas’ refusal to release hostages and launching rockets at Israeli citizens.

The restart in hostilities raises concerns about worsening the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with shortages of essential supplies exacerbating an already dire situation. Since Hamas initiated the conflict on October 7, over 14,800 Palestinians and more than 1,200 Israelis, including foreign nationals, have been reported as casualties.