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Tragic Incident Unfolds as Youth Fatally Throws Friend in Front of Mini Truck in Bihar

In a shocking incident in Bihar’s Darbhanga district, a youth deliberately threw his friend in front of a mini truck, resulting in the friend’s tragic death, as reported by the police on Friday. The disturbing event took place near Bela Durga temple under the University police station on Tuesday night. Initially treated as an accident, the investigation took a drastic turn with the emergence of CCTV footage, revealing the intentional act.

The footage depicted three to four individuals standing by the roadside, and as a mini truck approached, one person callously pushed another in its path before fleeing the scene. The victim, identified as Jay Kumar Paswan, hails from the Bela Shankar locality.

The police, having formed a dedicated team to probe the case, assured efforts to identify and apprehend the assailant promptly. The vehicle involved has been seized, but the driver and helper are currently on the run, with law enforcement actively pursuing their capture.