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Coimbatore Municipal Corporation to Deploy Drones for Building Violation Detection

In an effort to tackle building violations, the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) in Tamil Nadu, India, will utilize GIS mapping through drone technology. Construction in the CCMC jurisdiction requires approval, but instances of violations were detected post-approval. Following this, CCMC Commissioner M. Prathap directed officials to conduct surveys, revealing that about 70 buildings in Ward no 68 had more than 60 percent violations, and around 100 buildings had over 20 percent violations.

The drone surveys exposed unapproved additional constructions and residential properties being used for commercial purposes without proper fees paid. Violators were issued notices, indicating that permissions would only be granted upon payment of the requisite taxes. The CCMC plans to expand these surveys to 20 more wards, using drones to assess and take necessary actions against violations such as exceeding approved heights or unauthorized construction. The systematic approach aims to boost the corporation’s revenue through accurate assessments and revised tax amounts.