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Trump Leads Biden in Michigan and Georgia, Polls Show Negative Views of Biden’s Performance

Recent CNN polls indicate that former US President Donald Trump is leading his successor, Joe Biden, in crucial battleground states Michigan and Georgia. In Georgia, where Biden won narrowly in 2020, Trump leads by 49 percent to 44 percent. In Michigan, where Biden won with a wider margin, Trump is ahead with 50 percent to Biden’s 40 percent.

The polls reveal that only 35 percent in Michigan and 39 percent in Georgia approve of Biden’s job performance, with majorities in both states expressing dissatisfaction with his policies and leadership attributes.

Both states’ voters have negative views of Biden’s ability to address economic conditions and question his policy positions, understanding of people’s problems, and sharpness and stamina. The primaries in Michigan and Georgia are scheduled for February 27 and March 12, 2024, respectively.