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Two firefighters had been missing in a rescue operation in New Jersey

Tragedy struck at Port Newark in New Jersey as a fire broke out on a ship, leaving two firefighters missing, according to authorities. The blaze engulfed the vessel, posing significant challenges to the firefighting efforts. Emergency responders swiftly sprung into action to battle the flames and conduct search operations for the missing firefighters.

The incident has sparked concerns for the safety of the brave responders and raised questions about the cause and severity of the fire. Efforts are underway to contain the fire and ensure the well-being of the missing firefighters. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks and sacrifices faced by firefighters in the line of duty.

The local community and authorities are united in their efforts to support the ongoing rescue operation and investigate the circumstances surrounding the fire. Updates on the situation and the search for the missing firefighters are anticipated as the situation unfolds.