Google to acquire cloud migration platform Alooma

Google on Tuesday announced that it will acquire Silicon Valley data migration company Alooma to grow its cloud business service in its latest efforts to compete with its rivals Amazon and Microsoft.

According to the tech giant, Alooma is a leading company that helps enterprise customers to streamline database migration in the cloud and move their data from multiple sources to a single data warehouse.

“The addition of Alooma allows us to offer customers a streamlined, automated migration experience to Google Cloud, and give them access to our full range of database services,” Xinhua quoted Google as saying.

Google is going to leverage Alooma’s deep expertise for both enterprise and open source databases to build its additional but critical migration capabilities within Google Cloud Platform.

Both Google and Alooma, which is based in Israel and California, did not disclose details of the transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals.

Alooma’s co-founders Yoni Broyde and Yair Weinberger wrote in a blog post on Tuesday that the acquisition is the evolution of their long-standing partnership with Google Cloud.

“Joining Google Cloud will bring us one step closer to delivering a full self-service database migration experience bolstered by the power of their cloud technology, including analytics, security, AI, and Machine Learning,” they said.

Alooma has been a partner of Google’s Cloud Spanner, the Internet giant’s a globally distributed database platform, since 2017.

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