Story of ancestors

The story of ancestors from their long journey to human civilization initiate from East Africa, at a gorge known as Olduvai, where scientists have done researches across the fossilized remains of animals who gives us indispensable link with the past. Mostly, quantities of strangely – shaped stones were found, which they must have used as tools for cutting and slicing meat. Afterwards, advanced researches included significant discoveries such as the fossilized remains of skulls. Such finds, altogether with stones, fossils, were likely proofs of creatures which were developing over period of time.
This is not surprising that not only human skulls or dogs or cats skulls were found, but creatures which are extinct in today’s date, for example – dinosaurs and many more wired sort of fossils, which defined different forms of life at the time. However, fossil remains, alone can not describe the whole scenario, Scientists had to dig more about what the world was like when our earliest ancestors began to appear.
Besides, life on African plain was quite difficult due to dry season, low standard of vegetation, which was only food around in the area. But our ancestors did not only dependent on vegetation, they used various means to hunt animals, and invented various sources of cooking. Lacking the specialized such as animal’s claws and sharp teeth to tear meat, our ancestors learnt how to use stick to cook meat on fire, and used stones to dig out deep roots of plants.
Over span of period, they probably came to find ways to communicate with each other. This communication was unequivocally provided advantage that they managed to survive and lead to expansion of human life, got ability to uncover their strengths by using their intelligence in every manner to create a new world which we are living now.