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Kalimark launches 30 new variants of Aerated drinks, Juices and Corn under Bovonto, Zypsy, Ilani

  • Actors Nikki Galrani, Akshara Hassan and Chef Dr. Dhamu participated as Chief Guests

Chennai, May 2019: 

The 103-year-old Chennai based Kalimark Group of Companies, manufacturers of popular aerated drinks such as ‘Bovonto’ and ‘Vibro’ have launched 30 new variants under the ‘Bovonto’, ‘Zypsy’ and ‘Ilani’ brands. Film Actors Nikki Galrani, Akshara Haasan and World-renowned Chef Dhamu launched these 30 variants of aerated drinks, juices, coconut water, mineral water and corn rava and flour recentlly (6th May 2019) at Chennai.

Actress Nikki Galrani launched Ilani range of Pineapple, Mango and Litchi. Coconut Milk with Chocolate and Vanilla flavours were launched by Mr. K. R. Ganapthy and Mr. P. Muthumaran respectively. All these products are available in 180 ml tetrapaks. Incidentally, the Ilani in all its flavors is a 100% natural tender coconut water without any preservatives and colour. 

Actress Akshara Hassan launched 7 products under the Zipsy range of 180 ml tetra packs having flavours of mango, guava and tamarind in PET bottles of 200 ml and 500 ml.

Chef Dr. Dhamu, launched 2 sizes of Corn Rava and 2 sizes of Corn Flour in ½ kg and 25kg for residents and hotels/restaurants to cook some tasty dishes.

The other carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles of 200 ml under the brand name of Bovonto was launched by Mr. Ambal R. Muthumani and Mr. J. Ramesh, JMD, Kalimark Group of Companies.

The Vibro (vibrant rose paneer drink), Zimzo – the clear lemon drink in Pet bottle size of 200 ml, Jinji (Ginger flavor) and Tigo in orange was launched by Mr. Gaurav Goel.

Kalimark had launched the Cane flavoured Bovonto, Vibro, Jinji and Club soda also by Mr. Sudheer Ravindran. All these were of 250 ml sizes. Lastly, the mineral water brand under the name of Priestly in various sizes of 300 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr and Club Soda (cane flavoured) were launched by Mr. Srikanth.

Mr. K.P.R. Dhanushkodi, Chairman, Kalimark Group, said, “We are in an exciting phase after embarking on a journey of consolidation and now expansion. This new launch in the water, aerated drinks, juices or soda was a very conscious decision from our side. We felt that Bovonto which is a home grown brand having immense brand loyalty through atleast four generations across Tamil Nadu deserves better, cleaner, hygienically processed and cost-effective healthier drinks.

We have always prided in our research, pricing and taste and this time, we are sure, we are going to grab a good size of the beverages market this summer.”

The products are meant for all age groups right from 8 to 80 and. Be it the Lychees, Guava, Pineapple or Mango juices, they are all healthy, tasty and pulpier juices that has all the nourishment the body needs. Our cane flavoured range of soda is something new and everyone knows how refreshing cane can be in the summers,” he added.

Mr. J. Ramesh, JMD, Kalimark Group said, “Chef Dhamu is known for his health-conscious recipes and has been appreciated the fact that our corn rava and flour is double roasted, contains dietary fibre which is good for digestion, no added color or preservatives that causes harm to the body and is hygienically processed. It was a conscious decision of ours to launch Corn as we felt we it is imperative we do something for the farmers of our State. This is just the start for us and we expect to launch many more traditional healthy millets that we have only heard of yet not tasted”.

With a zero-defect product policy, our fizzy beverage is the taste of Tamil Nadu. Our respect for our customers has been our motto and we understand what the customers wants to taste. These products were introduced after a good amount of customer feedback and market study. Our coconut drinks are 100 percent coconut water, no sugar, no artificial flavours and even the vanilla flavours are from vanilla extracts and not artificial”, he added.

With our expanded range of products, we are keen to expand our territories and market share too. It is just a matter of time”, Mr. Dhanushkodi commented.

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