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KCP handing over Dia 3.1m IADT – CM Structure to HSFC – ISRO

Chennai, 6 Oct. 2023

KCP – Heavy Engineering unit, 7-decade company, located at Thiruvottiyur, Chennai Supplying equipment for Core Engineering sector (Cement, Sugar, Mineral, Power & Steel), Oil & Gas industries and Indian Defence, Space & Nuclear establishments. KCP – Heavy engineering unit having integrated facility for Heavy casting, Machining & Fabrication under one proof.

KCP is in association with ISRO for the past 3 decades and supplies Flight Hardware for Rocket vehicle Like Motor cases, Nozzle Divergent and Inter stage structures. KCP Supplied heavier ground parts for propellant Casting & vehicle Launching facilities like Mobile Launch Pedestal and 7.0m Dia Vacuum chamber. It shows that KCP’s presence in every sphere of Space.

ISRO is currently working on Human Space Flight Mission (Gaganyan) and placed order for 2 Nos of Integrated Air Drop Test – Crew Model Structure (IADT-CM) fabrication.

This structure is for demonstrating the Technology Preparedness levels before carrying out actual Human Space Flight Mission (Gaganyan). KCP developed the Tooling & Fixtures, fabricated and realised the 1st IADT – CM Structure through In – House facilities.

IADT CM Structure is about 3.1m Dia x 2.6m height and made up off with light alloy (Aluminum) and 15CDV6 Steel. A structure built up with more than 100 components by joining together with welding, riveting and with threaded fastening.

Structure Fabrication involves Critical Tooling & Fixturing, Forming, welding, Heat Treatment, Machining, Assembly and Riveting work. KCP – Heavy engineering Infra structure and skilled workmanship ideally suited for realisation of this critical hardware.

Dr. Indira Dutt, Chairman and Managing Director, KCP- Group will hand over this structure to Shri. R. Hutton, Acting Director, Human Space Flight Center, HSFC, ISRO on 7th Oct 2023 at KCP-Heavy Engineering.

KCP management is very much thankful to HSFC – Team for their valuable guidance provided throughout the journey. KCP management is very keen on to expand its facilities from component manufacturing into system integration in coming days.