Amber Heard never loved Elon Musk, dated him for ‘filling space’ after Johnny Depp split

Singer Lady Gaga’s former beau Christian Carino has testified about actress Amber Heard’s relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Following her split from Hollywood star Johnny Depp in May 2016, the actress dated the tech entrepreneur for a year, but her former agent said she never loved him, reports

On Day 10 of the defamation trial on Wednesday, April 27, Carino testified in a recorded video deposition that was played in a Virginia court. He was both Depp and Heard’s former agent.

When asked whether Amber “ever had a relationship” with Musk, the agent confirmed they did.

He was then shown correspondence between him and Amber from August 2017, around the time Amber and Elon were reported to have broken up.

“Dealing with break-up. I hate when things go public… I’m so sad,” Amber texted Carino.

He replied: “You weren’t in love with him and you told me a thousand times you were just filling space.”

Heard seemed to confirm this as she wrote back: “I know, but I wanted time to grieve and recover in my own time.” Christian then told Amber she “could avoid” press attention if she “stopped dating uber famous people.”

He advised her: “If you don’t like being in the press about your personal life, then don’t date people that are famous.”

Carino also recalled his close personal relationship with both Amber and Johnny at the time, even setting them up with a couple’s counselor in 2015. He said he never witnessed any abuse and that the ‘Aquaman’ star never told him she was physically assaulted by Depp.

Carino revealed he arranged a meeting between the two as per Heard’s request in July 2016.

He borrowed a friend’s house in San Francisco and “they sat outside, inches away from each other” for “several hours,” he recalled.

“They started arguing,” he shared.

Carino was asked by Johnny’s attorney if Amber was dating Elon at the time of the meeting.

“I don’t know whether they were dating, but they had definitely spent time together,” he said, claiming that he learned of Heard and Musk’s relationship “not long after” the San Francisco meeting.

Carino also believed that Amber “still” loved Johnny and she wanted to “reconcile” with the actor.

Heard texted him at the time: “I’ve written so many notes, can you give him one? I don’t know how or where to start. There’s no way to begin… I have so many. Finally I am single, clear in my heart and mind. I just want him to know I love him and I am sorry.” In another text from September 2017, she wrote to him, “God I miss him,” referring to Johnny.