Oats dosa – no fermentation needed

Oats dosa, a ultramodern take on the traditional rice & lentil grounded dosa. The difference is that while the ultimate is made from fermented batter this particular form is n’t. Since oats has been a recent fave in my home I completely love experimenting with it. While I’ve added it to galettes and bakes in the history, in the recent couple of times I’ve moved to creating savoury breakfast options. A relish coliseum of oats is so comforting and a great way to start your morning. The oats dosa also must be on your breakfast menu because it’s just so simple and easy to make and dyads veritably well with sambar or chutney or leftover curry, just like a regular dosa would. Should you wish to reap the benefits of that redundant labour involved in stirring the batter, you’ll can do that as well. Fermented foods are known to be excellent for the gut. still, if you’re looking for a quick option, also this dosa is just for you.

Still, well, home and kiddies kept me busy and plus my website had to suffer some conservation work which averted me from posting anything new, If you have been wondering where I dissolved for a whole month. I’ve been working in the background on a many fashions which I hope you’ll like. How has the first month and a half of this time been for you? Well, in my case, the kiddies started academy around the 7th of Jan and since also I’ve been trying to get out of my vacation leftover and get back to the routine. I find it veritably hard to manage up with similar long leaves as my schedule goes for a toss. I prefer academy days as they give me my important demanded space and time. Waking up at4.55 am is the only beef I’ve during academy days but as much as I love spending time with my kiddies I feel the need to negotiate some of my own pretensions on a diurnal base in the peace and relatively which are priceless! I dread themid-term break that’s hanging to jeopardise all my blog related pretensions! I hope to prepare as numerous posts as I can before that happens! So while I go and write another couple of fashions why do n’t you go and check out this form?