Personal Investigation

In this method, the investigator collects data by having direct contact with the informant and conducts in the spot enquiry.

  1. The investigator goes to the field personally, contact the respondents and convince them in giving the information under study.
  2. The investigator has the opportunity of explaining the study and answering any query of the respondents.
  3. The investigator can request the respondents to expand on answers that are particularly important.

Merits of direct personal investigation

  1. Originality – data collected is original in character.
  2. Reliable and accurate – this method facilitates collection of authentic and reliable information
  3. Flexibility – this method is fairly elastic as investors can vary the nature of questions and seek different kinds of information.
  4. Uniformity – provides uniformity in collection of information.

Demerits of direct personal investigation

  1. Not suitable for wide areas- method is not suitable when the area of coverage is considerably wide or when many respondents are to be contacted.
  2. Expensive and time consuming -method is expensive and time consuming particularly when the field of investigation is large.
  3. Personal prejudice- the bias or prejudice of investigation can affect the accuracy of data to a large extent.
  4. Trained personal- entire success of this method depends upon the investigator.