Tips for monsoon skin care for babies

A baby”s delicate skin needs the right nourishment and ample care, especially during the monsoon. With a change in the season, it is always a good idea to change your baby”s skin care routine to a more season-friendly one by choosing the right products; those with natural ingredients can further help tackle monsoon-related skin concerns.

Dr. Subhashini N.S., Ayurveda Expert, Discovery Sciences Group, R&D, The Himalaya Drug Company, says: “The damp and humid weather can cause excessive sweating and lead to rashes and infections. Rashes, cradle cap and itchy scalp are also common concerns during the monsoon. This makes it important to take care of baby”s sensitive skin and ensure it is hydrated. A good way to ensure this is by using mild products that contain natural ingredients and are free from phthalates, parabens, alcohol, artificial colour/dyes, mineral oils and animal-derived ingredients.”

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