Your health is your-highness: check out how to maintain the royalty of it

The most common way to describe “Health” or being ” Healthy” is the number of years we live, but hold on is it actually just about the number of years we live or its number of years we live with great immune and mental peace with satisfaction of the way one is leading their life?

This article will surely blow your mind to think twice before taking your health leniently. Most of the people these days are trying to be active and more fit in order to be healthy, but is it actually helping? What are the ways to be healthy? Exercising, yoga, good food, Zumba dance? All these are alternatives to keep your body healthy yet the real “Health Journey” starts when one strikes the balance between being productive both mentally and physically.
At this fast paced lifestyle, we all are just in a rush to reach our goals without even realizing are we actually achieving our aims which should benefit us for long run? Are we just running behind the illusionary world which is materialistic and all glittery which is eventually turning us gloomy at the end of the day?


Today we will discuss how to strike a balance between our physical and mental well being in order to live a life full of serenity and tranquility. It is very important for our mind and body to co-operate in a manner which is acceptable by both our own selves and society. Many people follow many combinations in order to bring out the best in themselves for the sake of the show but mentally they are all devastated inside, it can be anything related to family issues, work place harassments, assaults and the list goes on. So what should be the actual treatment for this particular problem? How are we supposed to manage both our mind and body at the same time? Below are 3 benefitting habits one needs to inculcate in daily life routine to see the visible results. Now let me be very clear that the results will take time to show up only if one is consistent enough to follow it like a ritual afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day right?


1. TAKING A GOOD WARM SHOWER AND MEDITATION EARLY MORNING: It is very likely to take a shower early morning and go off to work as you are already getting late isn’t it? Pause, the first thing you need to do in morning is release all the toxins but in a more calm manner, just switch on your geyser have a good warm water bath and sit in a quiet place and try to focus on good things ,as you think about positivity you automatically start feeling light as the universe reflects back to you what you release in it.
2. STOP OVERTHINKING AND OVEREATING ALL THE TIME: It is clinically proven that over thinking leads to nervousness and it triggers hormonal disbalance which leads towards eating almost everything and anything ,whose consequences are obesity and a lost of interest in activities and good things happening around. In order to avoid overthinking we need to fight the battle going on in a more diligent manner yes the problems will not be solved but can be dealt in a better way. We can start by reading good books, following a good diet and exercise along with surrounding ourselves with people who boosts our morale. This will help keep stress away.
3.START PLANTING MORE GREENS IN YOUR GARDEN AREA OR DO ORGANING FARMING: Yes, I know it is laborious but wait, can we just focus on the good part for once? Ok, so greens are always famous for its properties like oxygen , freshness, fruits etc. And it is believed that Nature is the best of all healers thus, planting greens in and around your garden area can help to keep you busy , to keep them fresh and will seed in you the healing properties before you even notice it.P.s Jasmine plant is believed by the doctors to reduce stress you must try this for once.

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