Zesty Fish Quiche Recipe Flavored With Cheesy Garlic Mayo

The Zesty Fish Quiche Recipe is a twist to the classic french dish, where there is a crunchy tart crust that is filled with a zesty fish-flavored With Cheesy Garlic Mayo. Quiche is basically a French savory tart making use of meat or veggies in savory custard and baked to set. Quiche custard commonly is made using eggs, milk or cream, cheese, and choice of filling.

Fish goes very well cheesy and garlic and when filled in the tart along with egg, the outcome is irresistible. The best part of this Del Monte Cheesy garlic mayo is that it enhanced the flavors and richness of the quiche so beautifully that it really does not require any cream or milk or cheese in the recipe. All you need is Fish chunks, eggs, seasonings, and Del Monte Cheesy Garlic Mayo. This quiche is a must make if you are a seafood lover.

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