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41 elephants in Thrissur will undergo rejuvenation therapy

Starting today, a total of 41 elephants from the revered Guruvayoor temple, situated near Thrissur in Kerala, will embark on a month-long rejuvenation therapy. The temple authorities have arranged for this special program to ensure the well-being and health of these magnificent creatures.

During the rejuvenation period, the elephants will be given proper care, including medical attention, nutritious food, and ample rest to revitalize them physically and mentally. The program aims to address any health issues the elephants may have and provide them with a conducive environment for relaxation and recuperation.

Guruvayoor temple elephants are an integral part of the temple’s rituals and festivities, and their health and welfare are of utmost importance to the temple authorities and devotees. This initiative showcases the temple’s commitment to preserving the welfare of these sacred animals and promoting their overall well-being.

The rejuvenation therapy is expected to ensure the elephants’ optimal health and vitality, making them fit for their religious duties and activities at the temple once the program concludes.