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Allegations of Forgery and Abuse in Same-Sex Relationship in West Bengal

In West Bengal’s Nadia district, a youth has approached the local police station, accusing his gay partner, Somnath Pal, of forgery and physical torture. The victim claims to have been in a relationship with Pal for the past ten years and accuses him of taking money under the promise of a lasting commitment.

The victim, who resides in Nabadwip, Nadia, alleges that Pal settled outside the state for professional reasons, changed his behavior in the last couple of years, and began physically assaulting him during visits. The victim, who handed over his gold chain to Pal, also states that he underwent treatment multiple times due to the alleged abuse.

The situation intensified as the victim discovered Pal’s parallel relationship with another youth in Nadia. A complaint has been filed at Nabadwip Police Station, initiating an investigation into the matter.