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Andhra Pradesh Sari Thieves Tracked to Chennai Boutique Heist

Chennai’s Shastri Nagar police have successfully traced a gang of silk sari thieves hailing from Andhra Pradesh. The crime investigation police recovered pure silk Kancheevaram saris worth ₹2 lakh after a theft at a Besant Nagar store during a Deepavali exhibition. The incident, captured on CCTV, revealed seven women, disguised in saris and salwar kameez, strategically diverting the attention of sales staff while stealing 10 expensive silk saris, each valued above ₹20,000.

The thieves, adept at concealing their loot in pouches within their skirts, managed to execute the heist in two batches within a brief 10-minute window. The sudden disappearance of the gang without making any purchases raised suspicion, prompting a review of CCTV footage and subsequent police intervention.