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Assault in Chennai Over Love Affair Dispute Leads to Arrests

The Anna Square police in Chennai apprehended two individuals, one of them a juvenile, for their involvement in assaulting a 31-year-old man, M. Manikandan, over a dispute related to a love affair. The incident occurred when Manikandan, a resident of Triplicane, was standing near his house, and the two suspects initiated a quarrel with him, subsequently attacking him with knives before fleeing the scene.

Passers-by intervened and rescued Manikandan, who was then taken to a hospital for treatment. Following an investigation, the police arrested Sabari, 23, also from Triplicane, and detained a 17-year-old juvenile in connection with the assault. Two knives were confiscated from the suspects, with the investigation revealing that the attack stemmed from a dispute between Sabari and Manikandan over a love affair.