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Challenges Persist at Multi-Level Car Parking Facility in T. Nagar

Despite being operational for nearly three years, the multi-level car parking (MLCP) facility in T. Nagar continues to face challenges, drawing concerns from both users and non-users alike. The contractor attributes the underutilization of the facility to minimal awareness and reluctance among the public to pay parking charges.

Meanwhile, users have raised issues regarding maintenance gaps and temporary closures of three floors, forcing many to resort to roadside parking. The MLCP, built under Chennai Smart City Limited at a cost of ₹40.79 crore, offers parking space for cars and two-wheelers, charging ₹20 per hour for cars and ₹5 for two-wheelers.

While equipped with modern amenities such as mobile payment options, CCTV surveillance, and controlled access, technical issues like malfunctioning lifts have compounded the challenges. Residents highlight persistent parking issues on nearby streets, exacerbated by the reluctance of low-wage workers to utilize the paid parking facility.

Despite an awareness drive conducted by the contractor, the reluctance to pay parking fees persists among the public, indicating a need for further intervention to address the parking woes in the area.