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Chennai Braces for Heavy Rain: Civic Measures and Preparedness in Place

As Chennai anticipates heavy rainfall, the Chennai Corporation is taking proactive steps to mitigate potential flooding. The civic body has increased helpline capacity from 10 to 30 lines (1913) to handle resident calls efficiently. Measures include the deployment of additional tractor-driven pumps, heavy-duty motors, and extra workers from other regions.

Heavy-duty diesel-operated pumps have been strategically stationed at 37 locations, with eight more ready for deployment. A total of 650 pumps, along with 184 tractor-driven pumps, are in use for dewatering localities. Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan inspected lakes like Puzhal to assess preparedness, while local officers have been designated in inundation-prone areas.

Standard operating procedures and close coordination with various departments, including the Indian Meteorological Department, are integral to disaster management plans. Emphasizing tree clearance and medical facilities, the corporation has deployed power saws, tree pruning machines, telescopic pruners, and robotic excavators, while multi-hazard shelters and cooking centers are on standby. Medical camps and special attention to historically affected areas are part of the comprehensive preparedness strategy.