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Health Department Launches “Clean Hospital Campaign” for Government Medical Facilities

The Health Department is intensifying its efforts with the “Clean Hospital Campaign” to create a hygienic and respectful environment for patients in government medical college hospitals and affiliated institutions. Health officials have issued guidelines to deans to ensure that patients receive quality medical, nursing, and ancillary services while being treated in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

One priority is maintaining clean bed linen, with beds/cots arranged neatly, and equipped with undamaged bed sheets and matching pillow covers. Hospitals are advised to have at least three times the necessary amount of linen, with the option of using different colors on different days to ensure daily changes. Linen should be sent for daily washing, and newly purchased items should be readily available for patients.

Hygiene is extended to ward-side toilets, which should be cleaned around the clock. Outsourcing agencies should provide the approved number of sanitary and security workers, and the Resident Medical Officer should oversee their attendance and ward cleanliness. Quality food provision is stressed, encouraging patients to consume the hospital diet over less hygienic alternatives.

Regular checks of kitchen staff and inspections of kitchens and wards are mandated. Safe drinking water, well-maintained facilities, and proper waste disposal are also essential components of the campaign, aimed at providing a respectful and sanitary experience for patients in government hospitals.