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IMD Predicts Heavy Rainfall in East, East Central, and Northwest India

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a weather update stating that heavy to very heavy downpour is expected to persist over east and east central India for the next three days. Additionally, an increase in rainfall activity is anticipated over the northwest on Wednesday and Thursday. According to the latest bulletin, the northwest region is likely to experience light to moderate scattered to fairly widespread rainfall with isolated heavy rainfall from Tuesday to Friday.

Uttarakhand and East Uttar Pradesh are expected to witness continuous rainfall over all four days, while Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh will likely have rain from Wednesday to Friday. Himachal Pradesh and East Rajasthan are forecasted to have rainy days on Thursday and Friday, and Punjab on Thursday. The IMD also alerts of a possibility of isolated very heavy rainfall over Uttarakhand and West Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as over East Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

In Central India, light to moderate scattered to fairly widespread rainfall is predicted from Tuesday to Thursday, with East Madhya Pradesh experiencing it on all three days and north Chhattisgarh on Tuesday and Wednesday. Furthermore, there’s a chance of isolated very heavy rainfall over East Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday, as stated by the IMD.