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Jilted Lover’s Harassment Leads to Tragic Suicide in Karnataka

In a tragic incident near Belur town in Karnataka, a 21-year-old woman named Sangeetha took her own life after facing public humiliation and harassment by a jilted lover. The accused, identified as Shivu, had persistently pressured Sangeetha to enter into a relationship and sought her hand in marriage, despite her parents indicating they had no plans for her marriage shortly.

Shivu’s continued harassment, including verbal abuse and assault, led to a public confrontation at a temple, where he humiliated and threatened her. Disturbed by the incident and facing public humiliation, Sangeetha took the extreme step of ending her life. The police have arrested Shivu in connection with the case, and an investigation is underway. The victim’s parents attribute their daughter’s tragic death to the relentless torture and humiliation inflicted by the accused.