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Karnataka Chief Minister Criticizes BJP’s Reaction to Arrest, Warns Against Religious Labeling

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah issued a press statement addressing the controversy surrounding the arrest of an alleged Kar Sevak, emphasizing the dangers of assigning caste and religious labels to criminals. Accusing the BJP of waking up in panic due to the positive public response to his government’s achievements, Siddaramaiah questioned the sudden outcry and reminded of past incidents, including the arrest of Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa during the BJP’s rule.

He criticized the BJP for rallying around a suspected criminal, urging them to refrain from defending individuals solely based on their religious affiliation. Siddaramaiah cautioned against coloring crime with caste and religion, asserting that the increase in criminal activities in the state is a result of such actions by the BJP. He appealed to BJP leaders to act responsibly and stop playing petty politics in the name of religion, urging them to let the law take its course.