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Karnataka Chief Minister Emphasizes Improved Conviction Rates in Cases of Violence Against Dalits

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed dissatisfaction with the state’s performance in terms of conviction rates for cases of violence against Dalits during the annual conference of senior police officers. He stressed the need for enhanced quality in the investigations of atrocities to instill faith in the justice system among victims.

Siddaramaiah instructed the submission of scientifically valid charge sheets and urged a complete halt to violence against women and children, emphasizing the importance of increased punishment. He warned that failure in this regard would be attributed to the Deputy Commissioners of Police themselves. Siddaramaiah acknowledged providing a free hand to the police but cautioned against misuse, urging a focus on benefiting the people.

Addressing concerns about police officers seeking transfers and utilizing their caste affiliations, he emphasized the need to strengthen the secular values of the nation. The Chief Minister also announced budgetary allocations for constructing Suvarna Police Bhawan, commemorating 50 years of Karnataka unification, and assured the filling of vacant police posts for effective law and order maintenance, emphasizing its positive impact on the state’s development.