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Man Arrested in Ahmedabad After Faking Death for Insurance Fraud

A 39-year-old man, Anil Singh Malek, has been arrested in Ahmedabad almost 17 years after he faked his own death to claim a substantial insurance amount. Malek had killed a beggar to stage his death and subsequently claimed Rs 80 lakh in insurance money after assuming a false identity as Rajkumar Chaudhary.

The elaborate scheme involved purchasing a new hatchback car and a Rs 20 lakh LIC policy in Malek’s name, with the insurance payout being four times in the event of an accident-related death. In 2006, Malek and accomplices targeted a beggar, laced his food with sedatives, placed him in the driver’s seat, and set the car on fire to make the body unidentifiable. Malek was arrested after an informer tipped off the police, ending his almost two-decade-long evasion of justice.